Bricon Associates is a proud partner agency of a renowned insurance company in Singapore, AXA. SmartTraveller Plan is a scheme by AXA Travel Insurance Singapore. The paramount priority is protection and the agency understands the significance of security while travelling. It provides highest level of quality service and enormous travelling benefits. Either you are travelling for vacation, business deals, study or just visiting – You will be certain of your security arrangements and remain peaceful. AXA’s Smart Traveller Plan is incredibly famous throughout south-east Asia with millions of clients who have acquired travel policy.

Get the most excellent travel coverage from AXA and embark on trips without hesitation. It provides quite affordable travel insurance coverage with superior sort of policies like comprehensive coverage; which take in protection of every health plus non-medical benefits in every adverse condition – Be it a bad weather or delays.

Visit our website, get a quote and take your first step of getting a handsome travel protection policy before you set your due course. You can freely contact us to obtain every piece of information for a quote.

People who acquired a policy from us and experienced its services – they happily talk about their peace of mind they had by our security/protection arrangements.

This scheme brings All-inclusive travelling insurance benefits with generous limits and first-class customer support. Travel, Witness and feel the beauty of this world without any fear of risk associated with travelling and your health. Exploring the world is an experience and a feeling that renews our spirits and change the perspective of live. However, bad experiences have a massive negative impact on our life – so, it is better to get a travelling insurance policy to avoid the risk of any bad condition.

Stay Protected during your travel with the AXA Smart Traveller Travel Insurance i.e.

  • Whenever you want to visit, you get the required medical treatments
  • Get reimbursed through the AXA Travel Insurance claim.
  • Delays compensation makes Stress-free travelling
  • Get reimbursed for lose your valuables i.e. wallet, Baggage lost, theft etc
  • While waiting for baggage to reach your destination you can buy your necessities

Be smart and learn from others’ mistakes. Get you travel coverage today and enjoy finest benefits!

View our plan brochure for additional information on benefits and don’t let pass the recent sponsorship of your travelling desires. Click here AXA Smart Traveller to visit.

Travel Insurance Options

  1. Yearly Travel Insurance Trip Plan – If you are a frequent traveller, then this is a better option for you. It covers total trips of less than 90 days year-round. There are extra charges for increasing the duration.
  2. Single Travel Insurance Trip Plan – Coverage for Single Trip

At Bricon Associates Singapore, our AXA Smart Traveller Singapore Travel insurance also gives full coverage of these extra benefits along with comprehensive benefits i.e.

  • Terrorism losses
  • Costly health treatments

Get massive discount on Annual travel insurance policy on Smart Traveller AXA plan. Be protected anytime anywhere in the world. The offer is available for limited time.

The varieties of 41 benefits are provided to tackle the unexpected conditions and circumstances – providing highly sophisticated travelling insurance services.

If you are in search of travelling insurance, then you have safely landed to the best travel insurance service provided. AXA Smart Traveller deals with “Single” as well as “Multiple” trips annually. Lets’ Chat about your travelling needs, destinations, frequency etc and we will carefully think about your needs and offer you the best possible plan according to your budget.

Adverse situations are always unexpected. But, the risk of tragedy while travelling increases when nobody is careful for you. So, in that case, remaining in contact with someone who is watchful of you is utmost important.

Get the complete information and assistance with the 24/7 AXA hotline.

As stated, you only get the finest deals with Bricon Associates Singapore. AXA Smart Traveller plan offers you to customize your comprehensive plan and Pay only for what you need in insurance scheme.

Obtain a premium level of travel insurance scheme today in Singapore. We have competitive options for your travelling needs. Acquire what is needed and pay accordingly.  You can choose either basic or an advance option, but you can add other benefits as you require with the span of time at extra charges.

 Travel Insurance AXA Singapore

Many happy returns, if you are thinking of travelling out of the country for vacation, business, study etc. Although there are few basics of travelling that you have been through. Obtain a travel insurance policy that is within your means and avoid risk related to any kind of loss while travelling. Thus, you can protect the sense of adventure throughout your journey with essential travel benefits.

This policy is competitive in nature when comparing with others. Its offers All-inclusive plan with extra benefits that covers;

  • Terrorism losses
  • Delays
  • Non-medical adverse conditions expenses
  • Baggage lost, theft etc
  • 24/7 customer call service

You don’t have to purchase the policy before discussing your needs and requirements with the agents. Received a quote when you are satisfied with the terms, rates and fulfilment of your requirements. Gather the detail the plans, compare them and make assessment in terms of budget and coverage. It has basic to advanced plans, which offers numerous travelling benefits for peaceful travelling.

AXA travel insurance coverage has been pressing industry standards to the next level and increase products and service quality. It is an important aspect of life which improves the living standards of our people.

AXA travel insurance has marked its presence and prestige in this industry and received numerous awards for their continuous commitment towards improvement of the society and its people’s lives.

Below are the benefits of AXA SmartTraveller Singapore Travel Insurance scheme:

Trip Cancellation due to difficulties faced Singapore travel agent $6K
Trip cancellation $12K
Loss of personal stuff i.e. Passport, etc $5K
Delay of luggage in trips $2K
Destroyed/Loss of luggage $10K
Death or Permanent disability by accident $500K
Damage by terrorism $1 Million

Also covers damages of/by;

  • Rented vehicle
  • Sports devices
  • Loss from kidnapping, hijacking etc
  • Dangerous sports i.e. parachuting

AXA Visa Travel Scheme

The visa travel scheme is for individuals who want to get a visa. This scheme covers medical expenses and repatriation required by international standards for Visa application.

Now, peacefully visit places wherever you desire. You can start today at less than a dollar! At time we receive inquiry, we get back to you within 3 hours with the best recommendations. AXA Smart Travel offers you to customize your benefits in order to make it affordable and optimal for you.

Read the requirements before applying for travel insurance:

  • Every journey should start and finish in Singapore.
  • There are no restrictions on age. However, it applies to individuals who are 18+
  • He/She Should be;
    • Permanent resident
    • Singapore Citizenship
      • Visitor pass (Either going for long-term stay or studies)
    • Commence your policy before travelling
    • The Maximum duration of the policy’s effectiveness is;
      • 182 days/trip for single trip
      • 92 days/trip for yearly coverage plan
    • Mandatory insurance for every child with no less than one parent
    • In case of multiple travel insurance coverage plans possession with AXA – Only a higher coverage plan will be in effect.

Get your travel insurance quote

You should get to know some details in order to realize which plan suits best to your needs. We are available 24/7 to give out thoroughly details and explanation on “AXA Smart Traveller Insurance Plan” and also other details of travel insurance industry. You can be at disadvantage if you are going to buy a premium plan without consultation. Therefore, we are always ready to assist you. It’s time to think about the optimal plan – If you are going out of Singapore!

You satisfaction is a top-notch priority of AXA. Therefore, we are always unbiased in our recommendations. We try our level best to discover and provide optimal protection plan. You can get the best assistance from the representatives AXA and Bricon – who are always ready to assist. Receive our in-depth guidance on being benefited from travel insurance plan.

People are always worried when it comes to claims. We have a robust procedure for claims. Our proactive staffs make this procedure simple and rapid.

Get a quote today! Compare Smart Traveller Insurance Plan quote with others and then decide for yourself. That’s how you will get a better glimpse of your suitability, affordability as well as competitiveness of the plan. AXA is a well-known brand in insurance industry for its excellent coverage and variety of plans, which cater different needs of different people, whether they want to go on vacation or a business deal etc.

Travel Insurance Claim

This scheme is becoming popular because of its robust claim process, reimbursements and quick customer support. We all need a quick care and support whenever we encounter an adverse situation or a problem. You don’t worry – we are there for you in those situations. We are sympathetic and understand your concerns very well. Because of its superior overall service delivery – it’s becoming progressively popular.

No matter in which corner of the world you want to travel or you are travelling – Bricon Associates are there for you to handle your travel claims without delayed process or any hassle.

You might have lost something valuable or encountered delays in flights. These adverse situations are always unexpected and tormenting. But, our help is always available. You can give us a call or send an email. Whether you are confused or at any stage of claim, just give us a call and we will put you at ease – Bricon Associates always assists! Get a Smart Traveller Plan before leaving Singapore.