AXA is generous and renowned insurance providers whose accuracy of claims and sense of sympathy makes it special. AXA Smart Home Plan in Singapore is designed to restlessly protect your valuables. The highest investment of your life might be on your home. Your investment means a lot to you and it should be protected and secured by the finest insurance plan without any argument. Claims can be modified according to the requirements.

Main features of AXA Home Insurance:

  • Replacements: It includes the coverage of content on a replacement basis. Depreciation of assets is not calculated and there’s no deduction for wear and tear.
  • Property Insurance: It covers properties against any damage or loss. It entails any loss of fittings and fixtures or damages to cause by calamities i.e. lightning, flood or theft etc.
  • Loss of Accommodation, Rent etc: If the house is under insurance coverage and in process of reinstate then the “loss of rent” will be paid. It would be available in case of a similar situation and alternate accommodation condition. AXA reaches to the untapped markets where no one has ever pursed it interests. It shows the commitments of AXA SmartHome Plan in Singapore. That is why AXA is preferred in Singapore. Wherever it feels the necessity, it put its efforts and resources over there.
  • Personal Liability (Worldwide): The insurance covers the loss of property caused by the misbehaviour of your loved pet. Any kind of liability generated with regards to your property is also covered.

AXA not only provide basic insurance coverage but also ensures that the users are benefited in many ways.

AXA home Insurance Additional Benefits:

  • Discounts: Higher sum of insurances get waivers called ‘raining’ discounts. The discounted is allowed up to 5% according to various insurances that are obtained.
  • Free PA coverage: with the home coverage – An Special coverage up to 50,000 USD will be provided to the beneficiary and its family
  • No claim Discount up to 10%: For last 3 years, if no claim has been acquired then a premium discount of 10% in 4th year will be provided.
  • 24/7 helpline: An uninterrupted assistance is provided to make you at ease in emergency or whatever the case. Moreover, the online assistance is available to speed up the entire process to save your time and efforts.

There are obvious working policies to service in this industry. Therefore, buyers should read and understand those policies before contacting AXA.