AXA SmartHome Insurance Plan

AXA is a name in the insurance business not just because of the accuracy of claims they provide, but also in terms of the kind of insurance provided. The main focus here is AXA Smart Home Plan in Singapore which are designed in a way that your valuables are under protection.
Your home is amongst the highest investment that you will make in your life. It is no argument that this investment should be secured against the best insurance. There are claims which are modifiable and created keeping the requirements in minds.

AXA Home Insurance Main Features:

-Property Insurance: This is the coverage for property against any loss or damage. This includes loss of fixtures and fittings or any other damage to contents which may be caused by pipe burst, lightning, flood or theft.
-‘New for Old’: This one is a catch; it includes coverage of content on a replacement basis. It does not deduct anything for wear or tear and also no depreciation is calculated.
-Worldwide Personal Liability: Any liability that is generated in relation to your property, which includes mischief by your loved pet leading to damage or any tenant activity that has led to property damage, is covered by this insurance.
-Loss of Rent or another accommodation: This shows what AXA SmartHome Plan in Singapore is capable and one of the most preferred. It reaches where no other identify the need. The loss of rent in the case where the house is reinstated under insurance coverage will be paid. It would be available in case of a similar situation and alternate accommodation condition.


AXA home Insurance Additional Benefits

AXA not only provide basic insurance coverage but also ensures that the users are benefited in many ways.
-Free PA coverage: Along with the home coverage, there is a special coverage which goes up to $50,000 against accident covering the buyer and their family.
-Discounts: Any higher sum insurance is eligible for ‘raining’ discounts. The discounts may vary according to the insurance opted but are generally available up to 5%.
-24 Hours assistance: For all your queries made before and after the insurance are all solved by a 24-hour helpline. This helpline makes things easy in case of an emergency. There is definitely online support also and all the process can be done there which saves time.
-10% no claim Discount: If there has been no claim for the last 3 years, there is a 10% premium discount in the 4th year.
The buyers should read and understand the policy better when they contact AXA. There is a transparent working policy which works well in the service industry.

DISCLAIMER : This website provides general information only and it does not offer to sell insurance. Insurance coverage cannot be legally binding through submission of any online form/application provided in this site nor through any facsimile, voice mail, or e-mail.
Only upon the confirmation of a licensed agent do insurance coverage or changes to insurance policy go into effect.