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About Us: Bricon Associates Pte Ltd, the insurance specialist


Founded in 1983, Bricon Associates Pte Ltd is a Medical Insurance Consultancy that offers services to business and individual clients. Our aim is to provide a complete set of financial services to our clients. We are established in Asean and Sri Lanka through a network of service partners in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

We have been in the insurance business for over 40 years and during this entire stretch of 4 decades we have developed in depth knowledge of the diverse insurance sector. Our focus today is on Medical Insurance, including International coverage.

Through our IT capability and networking with Principals, we have benefitted our clients in many ways. This is further confirmed by our robust track record in claim settlement. As an insurance enterprise, we are guided by our founder’s philosophy, Elizabeth Lee:  The success of an insurance program is not how much lower you pay but how much you are helped by it.”

Each one of us in Bricon Associates Pte Ltd put our best efforts to assist the clients in benefitting from their decision to join an insurance cover.

How do we operate?

We are organized not just to sell Insurance but to provide an excellent after sale service which is equally important to Sale. This we do through our partners and it takes away much administrative chores from the individual members in making a claim, and for company members it relieves the HR department of the burden of coping with numerous employee requests for assistance. We essentially take over such duties. There can be many hurdles and errors to overcome in making a successful claim, and errors will always be there, in our experience.

We work closely with doctors and medical specialists and keep abreast of trends in medical costs, development, new cures and their impact on our clients. We can then assist our clients to be better prepared with various options to manage their health care, linking them to our network doctors for optimum treatment options.

Our service partner dedicates a complete Claim Department to assist our clients in their claim process. Our Claim Department plays a crucial role in taking away the administrative chore and minimizing errors in pursuing claims and is a regular human face and voice in responding to our customers. This helps in a big way to ensure that your claim process is smooth and hassle-free, leaving you to recover with a peace of mind.

We want our clients to feel that someone (not digital machine) is there to help them whenever the need arises.

Why should we team up?

  • Know our customers and they come “First” – our support team priority at Bricon Associates Pte Ltd
  • As one of Singapore’s leading medical insurance consultancies, we offer quality advice and customized schemes for our clients. We provide medical insurance relating to inpatient / out- patient care, Dental, Optical and Pregnancy.
  • Our insurance policies cover Healthhomecarbusinessoffice and any other assets that you consider valuable. They are designed to protect you and your valuables from any mishaps and we ensure that if any such event happen, you get the eligible financial compensation.


At Bricon Associates Pte Ltd, we are always at work seeking the right solution for each of our clients. Our insurance policies aim to bring you the peace of mind and protect you or your company against financial losses from adverse situations in life.

DISCLAIMER : This website provides general information only and it does not offer to sell insurance. Insurance coverage cannot be legally binding through submission of any online form/application provided in this site nor through any facsimile, voice mail, or e-mail.
Only upon the confirmation of a licensed agent do insurance coverage or changes to insurance policy go into effect.