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Tenet Sompo Insurance Singapore




Tenet Sompo (subsidiary of the Sompo group in Japan) Insurance Operates in 30 countries and regions; offering premium travel (Travel joy)and general insurance to Singapore at affordable rates. They strive to give their best to their customers in terms of services. Offering more than just a coverage with comprehensive features, Tenet Sompo Insurance protect what their clients value and treasure most, essentially being their well-being. The test of a insurance company is through their claims, and we would love to highlight their proficiency in this area.

At Bricon Assoiciates Pte Ltd, we have a spectrum of insurance products from Tenet Sompo. This is personal, commercial, travel (Travel Joy), motor and health.

Tenet Sompo Insurance Advantages

Tenet Sompo Insurance specializes in personal and commercial insurance, with professionalism and innovativeness, while offering excellent services at the best rates. Customer-focus, technology and efficiency in claims management is the key for their competitiveness, which has enabled them to have won praises by their customers.


Types of Sompo Insurance



-Personal Accident


-Fidelity Guarantee
-Group personal Accident
-Group Health
-Light Industrial

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Travel Insurance (TravelJoy Scheme)


Private Car Insurance


Home Insurance (HomeBliss)


Personal Accident Policy (PAStar)


Child Personal Accident Policy (PAJunior)



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