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AXA Smart Traveller Singapore SmartTraveller Travel Insurance Plan

Bricon Associates is proud to be an agency of one of the most renown insurers in Singapore, AXA. For AXA travel insurance Singapore, AXA has a scheme know as the SmartTraveller plan. AXA Smart Traveller Singapore understands the importance of travel security and strives to bring utmost protection, and with quality services and generous travel benefits of AXA, you can gain the peace of mind as you are travelling for business, vacation, visiting or studies. This AXA Smart Traveller plan is very much renown Thorughout South East Asia with millions of travel policy holders.

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Get the best travel coverage you can purchase before you embark on your trips. This AXA Smart traveller travel insurance cover is affordable, and among the well-rated policies, bringing a comprehensive coverage which includes health and non-medical-related benefits in all adverse situations, whether through bad whether or various delays. You can take the first step in buying an excellent travel policy to get yourself well protected in our website before visiting the various countries. This is where you can acquire a free quote or obtain more information.

Many individuals have rated the AXA Smart Traveller as an excellent travel insurance product as they have experienced the benefits and peace it brings. This scheme brings comprehensive benefits and generous limits and top-notched customer support. Explore the beauty of the world without fearing the financial risk hazards while you travel. There is nothing like a renew of spirit while you travel with peace, whether during a domestic or international travel.

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Stay Protected during your travel with the AXA Smart Traveller Travel Insurance :


-With AXA Travel Insurance Singapore, remain stress-free while travelling when you know you will be compensated for delays
-You can purchase the necessities while waiting for your baggage to arrive
-Losing your wallet can create a stressful situation. With the AXA Travel Insurance coverage scheme, you can relax knowing you can be reimbursed.
-Get the medical treatments you need at anywhere when visiting the destination and at any time, and get reimbursed through the AXA Travel Insurance claim.

Don’t learn the hard way, get the Travel coverage today and enjoy premium benefits!

See the Axa Smart Traveller (click to open website) scheme brochure for more information on benefits and do not miss the current promotions for your travelling needs.

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Travel Insurance Options


Annual Travel Trip Travel Insurance Policy – To be covered all year round for trips totaling to less than 90 days. Duration could be extended at additional charges. In terms of price effectiveness, this is a better option if you are a frequent traveller.

Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy – Single Trip coverage

At Bricon Associates Singapore, our AXA Smart Traveller Singapore Travel insurance coves with comprehensive benefits; covering full terrorism losses, high health treatment cost and other benefits that will ease your mind during your travel.

Get massive travel insurance discount for a Smart Traveller AXA plan from us for an Annual Travel Insurance Policy or individual! Applies for limited time only and for travel protection at anytime.

The AXA Smart Traveller comprises of 41 different benefits for protection that will surely address the most unforseen circumstances. AXA puts a lot of effort to offer high standards of services.

If you are looking for travel insurance, look no further, as you can get the best AXA Smart Traveller deals with us and be covered for your single or multiple trips annually. When you enquire, we will consider your travelling needs carefully and lay down a few options for you, so you can get the best benefits for your at your budget.

A point of contact is important during your travel as adverse situations could happen at anytime during your visiting. With the 24/7 AXA hotline, you can receive comprehensive guidance at anytime.

As mentioned, you get the best deals with Bricon Associates Singapore. There are benefits for non-medical adverse situations (e.g. Baggage lost, theft, etc) during travelling. Pay only for what you need with this comprehensive tailored travel insurance scheme within the AXA Smart Traveller plan.

Acquire the top travel insurance scheme in Singapore today. Compare and save when you request for travel insurance options from us. There are several options to choose from, basic to advanced and opting in for additional benefits.

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Travel Insurance AXA Singapore


If you are going travelling for a holiday or away from our country, congratulations! However, you could have overseen some of the nitty-gritty details. Get a travel polict that covers all forms of risk related to your travel, and one that is according to your budget! This way, you can protect the sense of adventure thorughout the trip with the necessary travel benefits.

There are numerous factors that differentiates this travel insurance policy from others. As mentioned, there are comprehensive benefits which covers terrorism acts-of-God, etc. Also, coverage for non-medical adverse situations, such as baggage lost, theft, lost, etc. Along with the comprehensive benefits is the generous limitations and top-notched phone support.

Don’t purchase your travel insurance policy yet unless you have received a quote from us where you can compare and select the best coverage for your budget, ranging from a basic cover to a cover which offers numerous travelling benefits for a peace of mind during travelling trips.

AXA travel insurance coverage have a goal to shape up the travel insurance standards with travel insurance products that improves the lives of individuals. They have won numerous prestigious awards for their commitment towards protecting people and improving society. The have excellent general insurance covers and Travel Insurance that covers acts-of-terrrorist, generous medical protection and other comprehensive benefits.

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Benefits at-a-glance for AXA SmartTraveller Singapore Travel Insurance scheme:

-S$12K reimbursement for trip cancellation

-S$6K reimbursement for trip cancellation due to Singapore travel agent difficulties

-S$10K reimbursement for destroyed or lost luggage

-S$5K Reimbursement for loss of personal belongings including passport, etc

-S$2K reimbursement for luggage delay during trips

-S$500K reimbursement for permanent disablement or death-by-accident

-S$1 Million for terrorism damage


Also included is damages to sports devices, rented vehicle or loss from hijacking, kidnapping and dangerous sports (e.g. parachuting) during your travelling period.

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AXA Visa Travel Scheme

This travel insurance scheme is designed for individuals who are looking into acquiring a visa. This package covers repatriation and medical expenses, compulsory by international standards for Visa application.

Now you can do your visiting in Peace. Get a quote today and get started from less than a dollar a day! Upon receiving you inquiry, we will revert back to you with the best options and prices in typically less than 3 hours.

As mentioned, with AXA Smart Traveller, some of the benefits are made optinal, so you get to pay what you require in this travel insurance scheme.

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Before you apply for travel insurance:


-All trips must commence and end in Singapore
-Policy must be in effect before travelling
-Maximum effective duration per trip is 182 days for single trip and 92 days per trip for annual coverage plan
-No age restrictions apply. However, adult cver applies to over the age of 18
-Singapore Citizen, permanent resident, visitor pass (whether for studies or long-term stay) may apply.

*Each child must be insured with at least one parent.

* If you have more than one travel insurance cover with AXA, only the one with the higher coverage will be in effect.

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Get your travel insurance quote


Contact us to gain in-depth details on the AXA Smart Traveller Insurance Plan we offer, explaining many things you need to know to realise this may be the Best plan for you. Even in the area of travel insurance, there may be loop holes even with premium plans. Therefore, we are here to help. If you are going abroad soon, it is time you consider the best with us today!

We assure you our recommendations are unbiased, and you will discover the optimal protection you get. Representatives from AXA and Bricon are ever ready to give you the best assistance in the industry. Get a quote today and we will also bring you an in-depth guide on how you could benefit from travel insurance. Our pro-active staff will also go thorugh necessary steps in going thorugh the simple and quick claims process.

Compare the various Smart Traveller options that is available when we issue you the quote. This one will enable you to gain a better glimpse to be able to decide on the best benefits option for you. AXA is the top provider for travel insurance which provides excellent coverage for a wide array of travel events, whether for vacation, business or etc.

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Travel Insurance Claim


We all experienced adverse situations before and we many have also experienced problems with acquiring reimbursements from insurers. Worry no more, because AXA SmartTraveller understands the needs of everybody, that is why this scheme is becoming increasingly popular.

Whatever your age is, and whatever has been lost, delayed or etc, and whereever you are at whil travelling at any of the four corners of the world, you can depend on Bricon Associates to handle the travel claims for you just well.

Have you encountered an adverse situations recently? lost of valuables, or experienced flight delays? We can help you. Simply give us a call or email and we will get back to you very promptly, whatever stage in claiming process you are in, whether encountered any confusion – Bricon Associates can always assist! Do not leave Singapore without the SmartTraveller plan.

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Only upon the confirmation of a licensed agent do insurance coverage or changes to insurance policy go into effect.