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Smart Traveller



Introducing on of the most popular travel insurance in Singapore. This is the AXA Smart Traveller. AXA SmartTraveller understands and strives to bring utmost travel security, so you can travel with the peace of mind. This plan is suitable whether you are on vacation, business trip, studying overseas or visitations and even offers protection for risky activities.

If you are looking online for a travel insurance provider, look no further. You can get the best deals for the AXA Smart Traveller Plan – be it, for single trip coverage or annual multi-trips. When giving you the quote, we will lay down many options within this scheme for your comparison so you can fulfill your requirements at the best rates.

During you travel, AXA understands that an insurance point of contact is critical as risk can happen at any time. Therefor you can receive guidance for your next move at any point of time with the 24/7 AXA travel insurance support!

Smart Traveller Options

This comprehensive insurance coverage enables you to be well covered on Single Trip or Annual basis, where annual coverage is better for frequent travelers due to the relatively lower premiums. Options for non-medical needs (e.g. Baggage lost, etc) is available. With this tailor-made plan, you pay only for what you need.

Smart Traveller Advantages

Some advantages of this plan consist of coverage for terrorism, natural disasters and many more that sets us apart from convenentional travel insurance plans. Also, coverage for not only medical cost, but non-medical ones as well. Collaborating with the various benefits is the high limit for coverage. Last but not least, With the AXA Smart Traveller, help will just a phone call away.

No you can see the world and enjoy to the fullest!