Personal Insurance is more than just a basic insurance policy. Personal Accident Insurance covers your home, maid, vehicle and travel. This insurance scheme (AXA Singapore or Tenet Sompo PA Star) provides a comprehensive coverage and covers items such as your valuables, instruments, electronics, sports equipment, collectibles etc.

These items are generally expensive and should not be risked getting damaged or been a subject of theft, which can result to a huge financial burden. Personal accident insurance can ease the burden in the mentioned adverse situations. With the personal accident insurance scheme, you can easily replace the lost items with no huge expenses incurred. Get a quote today! Our staff will recommend you the best option for your budget!

Tenet Personal Insurance

TRAVELJOY: It is a travel Insurance Coverage that has; No age limits No excess and broad coverage. TravelJoy is a perfect travel companion to make your trip free of worries..

Personal Accident Coverage

A healthy person can also face fatal accidents. Be sure to back your financial support with our Personal Accident plans – to survive the unexpected events. Following are 3 remarkable plans for you:

  1. PASTAR – A package with extraordinary benefits – covering medical cost of 13 contagious diseases.
  2. PAJUNIOR A perfect “Personal Accident package” for your kids – offering coverage for HFMD, protection for 24/7, and much more.
  3. PERSONAL ACCIDENT This plan is customizable. You can choose benefits according to your requirements.


You shouldn’t take any chance on your highly valuable assets. This plan promises:

  • Complete cover for your home & contents
  • 24/7 hotline assistance for home emergency.

Coverage for Vehicle

Motor Insurance (Private Car): A comprehensive motor insurance plan with assortment of services to fulfil your required necessities in a better way. Sign up now for a smoother and safer ride!