Maid insurance is utmost necessary for a person who is a sole breeder of its household. If he/she encounters any medical complexity, then it will be much stressful for its dependents. Rest assured, here at Bricon Associates Singapore, we have “right Maid Insurance Solution” which is best for you, and are offered by esteemed insurance provider – Sompo and AXA.

The financial security of your maid has got you concerned? Worry not! Maid Insurance has got you covered. Maid insurance insures your maid and keeps her out of her miseries when she is ill and cannot pay the costly medical bills. Maid insurance It will keep your maid from hassles of unexpected and accidental medical problems. It is always on priority and imperative for Maid insurance to assist its clients and build their trust. So, it puts every possible effort to make its clients at peace by providing satisfactory products and services.

Maid Insurance Advantages

You can now build trust of your maid and take her in confidence as well. It gives peace of mind to your maid when she is covered. Surely then, she would happily work for you and your family. Maid insurance reimburses and compensate in case of accident or hospitalization.

You will also be able to compensate the losses that can happen when the maid does not work because of her personal reasons. Therefore, it is something that every home owner with maids should consider about.