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Flexibility in Health Coverage

Health Options Scheme features our private flexible global health insurance plans for individuals and families. The scheme is on modular basis and allows you to mix and match options to suit your health insurance needs. We offer this special private health insurance coverage in SIngapore.

This caters for individuals and families. It allows you to build cover that matches your situation and gives you quick access to private treatment whenever you need it. You start with our core benefit (Worldwide Medical Insurance) and simply add whatever other modules you like, from those available.

These can be anything from additional out-patient benefits and health assessments, to cover for worldwide medicines and evacuation. Or you might also want to consider our USA cover option. There is something for everyone. The flexibility isn’t restricted to the product features and modules-there are plenty of ways to reduce subscriptions too.

For example, We have included excess options (known as deductibles) that will help reduce subscriptions in return for you making partial payment.

We really have thought of everything-you can even apply to include cover for pre-existing conditions – and the beauty of it is you won’t ever end up paying for anything you don’t want.

Health Benefits Options:

Core- Worldwide Medical Insurance is the core of this plan, and gives you the reassurance of covering any essential hospital treatment you may need, whether in an emergency or a planned visit. All surgery, cancer treatment and advanced imaging, whether received whilst staying in hospital or visiting as a day patient, are also covered.

Option – Worldwide Medical Plus covers you for consultations with a doctor or specialist as well as medical treatments that do not require a hospital stay. Worldwide Medical Plus covers you for a maximum of £25,000 of treatment per year (excluding transplant services) and also includes cover for young child care, maternity care, complementary therapies and speech therapy.

Option – Worldwide Medicines and Equipment covers you for prescription medicines and the rental of medical appliances such as oxygen supplies or wheelchairs. Our unique long-term prescription benefit will also pay for any medicines required to manage chronic conditions such as asthma.

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