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Bricon Associates Pte Ltd provides international health insurance policies from Raffles Health Insurance and AXA. With this scheme, a wide array of healthcare facilities could be extended to you and we strive be your choice of health insurance provider, bringing you the protection you need for your health to be in the best condition, whether you are medically protected as local individual, part of a family scheme or an expatriate.

We could work with you to offer you the best tailored scheme so that you and your family could gain the peace of mind with the generous benefits offered by Bupa or AXA.

Look no further, get a quote from us today! Discounts available for family schemes.

AXA and Raffles Health Insurance have many years of experience in offering premium health insurance packages and are the leading provider of health protection schemes in Singapore, catering for individuals, families and corporate groups.

Bupa Global works with Raffles Health Insurance to offer their prestrigious health protection packages to Singapore. They are a private health insurer who is govern by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. They are a subsidary of Raffles medical Group, a prestigious medical care provider in Singapore.

Health insurance is a true necessity in today’s modern world. At Bricon Associates, we have the schemes you need to get the peace of mind you desire and at the best cost. Our health insurance covers comes with comprehensive benefits and can cover medical costs such as hospitalization, day treatment, family doctor, various medicines, health checks, pre existing conditions, pregnancy, dental, optical, etc. Our Standard and customizable plans with AXA Health Insurance and Raffles Health Insurance respectively will bring you the best benefits for your budget. Price varies according to the options taken, and we keep in mind the best prices when we customize for your needs.


Raffles Health Insurance & AXA Schemes:


Worldwide Health Options – Plans from Raffles Health Insurance
Standard Plans – Plans from Raffles Health Insurance and AXA

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