Bricon Associates Pte Ltd is a General Insurance agency established 35 years ago with a focus on International Private Medical Insurance. Our company is in partnership with 3 insurers, namely Raffles Health – Bupa Global, Axa and Allianz. This scheme offers an extensive variety of healthcare facilities that can be added. We always make every possible effort to be your first choice in medical insurance plan by taking care of your health related issues and bringing you the best health protection to keep your health condition intact – whether the beneficiary is an expatriate, a local individual or a part of a family scheme. We care for you!

These insurers offer comprehensive International Health insurance plan that cover worldwide treatment for hospitalization, outpatient treatment, maternity expense, vaccination, dental, optical expense and other benefits. With our experience and knowledge in this space we are able to assist you with a comprehensive cover for you, family or company.

In modern world, health insurance is a necessity. Surging healthcare complexities and costs are becoming hard to tackle. Our Insurers, AXA, Allianz & Raffles Health Insurer administer by Bupa Global,  International Health insurance plans offers best worldwide coverage, for hospitalization, specialist Treatments, outpatients treatments, family doctors services, pregnancy expenses, dental, health checks, and optical benefits.  Our lifelong covers will

Give you peace of mind and address your concerns for medical expensive.

We also offer customization for your ease and affordability, so that you shouldn’t pay for what you don’t need. Just pay for what you require. There are also other benefits provided in customization which are provided by AXA and Bupa.

Look no further and get a quote from us today! Discounts are available for family schemes.

What are available

  • Group Discount for company staff
  • Special low premiums for large numbers
  • Association discount rates
  • Family covers
  • Pregnancy covers
  • Oil and Gas Exploration covers
  • Student visa plans
  • Staff medical covers on overseas assignment.

Our healthcare insurance packages include benefits for:  

  • Outpatient treatment by specialists and include Physio therapies, complimentary medicine
  • Hospitalization – First class ward in recognized hospitals of your choice
  • Prescribed long term medication for treatment of chronic medical conditions
  • Pregnancy / complication / New born care – Cover pre & post-natal complications
  • Family doctors treatment
  • Pre-existing Conditions Coverage – Coverage for pre-existing conditions available in selected plans.
  • Annual Health checks
  • Dental, Restoration & Orthodontic
  • Evacuation Services

Services you value

  • Cashless treatment, take away your worries on huge hospital bills allowing you to take care of your love ones and concentrate on getting well
  • Global Claim team with 24 hours/7 days services
  • Second Doctors Opinion
  • We offer you the best cover at the best price.

The plans we offer are for first class hospitalization treatment in any country of your choice, Specialist treatments,

outpatient benefits, pregnancy benefits, complication of child birth, annual checkups, dental and Optical benefits for your wellbeing.

Our Insurer provides the best health protection, life long,  giving you peace mind. Plans are suitable for locals as well as expatriates who has high expectation in health care services. We can customize the plan that is suitable for your needs, lifestyle and budget.  

Our after sales services, a highly efficient claims team know you by your name, and we are contactable and do our best to help.

We stand by you when you need help.

Premium Health Insurance Providers

AXA, Allianz and Raffles Health Insurance have many years of experience in offering premium health insurance packages and is the leading provider of health protection schemes in Singapore, catering for individuals, families and corporate groups.

Bupa Global works with Raffles Health Insurance to offer their prestigious health protection packages in Singapore. They are a private health insurer who is governed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. They are a subsidiary of Raffles medical Group, a prestigious medical care provider in Singapore.

In modern world, health insurance is a necessity. Surging healthcare complexities and costs are becoming hard to tackle without a proper assistance. Bricon Associates provides such schemes that give you a piece of mind and fulfil your needs at its best.  Our healthcare insurance plan comprise all-inclusive benefits that also cover; medical costs such as day treatment, hospitalization, various medicines, family doctor, pre existing conditions, health checks, dental, pregnancy, optical, etc. Our customizable and standard plans in association with “AXA Health Insurance” and “Raffles Health Insurance” offers the best benefits within your means of affordability. Prices are according to the options but we try out best to fulfil your needs at an optimal Price.