Hospital Insurance

hospital insurance

Get the hospital health protection today with Bricon Associates Pte Ltd. We understand the importance of good health care in life and we have partnered with the most reputable health insurance companies in Singapore to give you the peace of mind, in knowing your health is in good hands. Our hospitalization & critical illness plans come with a wide range of best health plan benefits that will serve you well in a time of need in terms of H&S, hospital or medical care.

The plans even come with generous post-hopitalization benefits and generous limitations in terms of overall coverage and specific healthcare benefits. Also included is pre-authorization so that you can receive many treatments cashless.

Hospital Insurance for Individuals

Hospitalization benefits can cover the follow:

In-patient and surgical medical treatments

Day treatments

Pre and post hospitalization consultations

X-ray and laboratory tests.

Long hospital stays for serious cases (e.g. cancer or major operations; transplants, etc)