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Adverse health conditions could occur at anytime. Whether you are a local or part of a group of foreigners, It is best to always be prepared for a spectrum of medical emergencies. With the best medical insurance plans we offer, you could very well be prepared to handle these adverse situations and protect your finances, especially in a time of inflation which also applies to the cost of medical treatments in Singapore.

The doctors and healthcare in Singapore is among the best in the world. Many foreigners worldwide has decided to undergo medical treatments in Singapore because of the quality. However, the trade-off is the quality healthcare is the cost of medical treatments. With our Health Insurance, you and your family can now gain access to the best care you need, including first class. Our in-house advisors and that of the insurance provider will provide top-notched support for whatever situations you are in, be it, emergency advise, claim matters and etc.

Now you may wonder what type of insurance plans you need. At Bricon Associates, we have a spectrum of health insurance products, ranging from standard to customizable schemes. This can protect you in time of injuries, accidents and sicknesses.


Day-care & hospitalization – The most comprehensive


Our Health insurance plans brings you a spectrum of health benefits that enables you to gain access to even some of the most specific health treatments you may need. Apart hospitalization, you get access to medications and medical care pertaining to optical, dental, psychiatric, cancer, pregnancy, health screening and pre-exisiting conditions.

Securing yourself and family is a critical matter, and our advisors will do their best to bring you the best options for your budget.


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