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General Insurance from AXA and Tenet-Sompo is what we offer to our customers. The insurance are for individuals as well as small, mid-size or large businesses. We cover a wide range of personal and commercial insurance products to meet your needs. It could be your motor car, your home, your health, your business or even your holiday! Our solutions are designed to meet the various needs of our customers at every stage of their lives.

Backing the front of our general insurance products is a team of over 40 staff, and prestigious coverage from among the top insurers in the country. we are ever ready to find the best general insurance solution for your budget and will go the extra mile to serve you.

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Insurance Coverage:
Personal Insurance
Commercial Insurance

Home Insurance

Travel Insurance

Car Insurance



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DISCLAIMER : This website provides general information only and it does not offer to sell insurance. Insurance coverage cannot be legally binding through submission of any online form/application provided in this site nor through any facsimile, voice mail, or e-mail.
Only upon the confirmation of a licensed agent do insurance coverage or changes to insurance policy go into effect.