AXA SmartCare Personal Insurance

All you need to know about AXA SmartCare Plan in Singapore




AXA SmartCare personal insurance Plan in Singapore allows the users to enjoy many insurance benefits in a single plan. It gives the users opportunity to create unique plans with various insurance coverage limits.

Features of the AXA SmartCare personal insurance plans are:-

-All Risk: This one includes risk at a workplace. Any accidental claim comes under this umbrella. It covers damages to the real and personal property. Cases like burglary are covered in this claim even in situations when it is not made by forceful means and there are not enough evidence for violent entry.
-Work Injury Compensation: Owners responsibility in case of workers’ accidents and medical claims is covered under this small plan.
-Public Liability: Third-party cases where the business is responsible for settling claims in the case of accidents or loss of life. This also includes the walk-in customers or any property damage to neighbors.
-Fidelity Guarantee: This is a must for businesses – small or big, which covers the owners against fraudulent activity or dishonesty by any employees.
-Fire: Insured buildings are covered against any loss by fire. It is also covered under inconsequential perils, which may be riots, strikes, lightning, flood etc.
-Personal Accident: A lump sum amount is paid to the owners or the employee who is covered under the claim in case of accidental death or a disability of permanent nature. This also covers cash expenses incurred on a daily basis post-hospitalization anywhere in the world.
-Infectious disease: Any additional cost that a business needs to occur due to epidemic spread in an area or even in a case of major power failure can be covered and a daily cash during the time of interruption will be paid.

AXA Personal Insurance Additional Benefits

AXA SmartCare plan in Singapore is all this and much more. There is an additional benefit which comes with this service. There is a yearly 5% increase in all risk cover that goes on up to 15% of the actual sum insured. This is, however, applicable if no claims have been made in the preceding years of the insurance.
Also, the process is simple and involves most of the online procedure which is easy and less time-consuming. The need of simpler process in the time of extreme situations is something that gives this insurance provider an edge over the others. This does not mean there is an absence of other support. There are toll-free calling numbers which can be used in the case of assistance or emergency as need be.

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