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Allianz is one of many trusted partner insurers providing its customers with exceptional international health insurance in Singapore as well as in other countries across the world. Allianz insurance has shown tremendous growth with new branches scattered across Singapore, Asia pacific region and in other countries. This growth can be attributed to the exceptional reputation which is distilled downed from unwavering assistance to their customers. If you are looking for global health insurance, chose Allianz Worldwide care. Allianz is a pioneer in health insurance globally, serving their customers with the best services in the market. They have strived to provide a new benchmark in industrial standards.

They have maintained the outlook of a company which provides exceptional health insurance plans, while simultaneously been trusted by larger number of fortune 500 companies and other international brands. Currently Allianz has over 83 million international members under their service.

Allianz Expat Solutions

Business are getting established more and more internationally and the standard of health care becomes an important factor which needs to be addressed- questions such as where to get treatment from and how to get it becomes common questions. Allianz Insurance is ready to answer all those questions with our class topping customer service, you would receive all the information which you require.

There are plenty of international health insurance providers in Singapore as well as in other countries, but it is Allianz which has the highest client retention rate. The main reason for this being manner in which Allianz conducts its work. They are attentive to the needs of the customer ensuring that they receive the best possible healthcare. They are active in recognizing the requirements of the clients. They are swift in bringing about changes which can assist the people, all these reasons have contributed to them becoming the market leaders composed of a multinational staff representing over 32 nationalities and conversing in over 26 languages.

Allianz is boosted by the presence of a well experienced personnel utilizing the assistance of a team to make sure that their customers receive the best possible health care not just in Singapore but in other countries as well. The experienced mangers almost perform the work of doctors, which is supplemented by the Allianz Healthcare group to direct the best care. In simpler words, they engage the best possible staff, paying attention to their attitude and technical knowledge.

They provide their expertise to both corporate as well as individual clients with special attention to the former, they provided tailored solutions to fulfil their requirements. Communication plays an important role as it facilitates innovation.

Allianz Health Insurance


Medical international provides a vast variety of Allianz health insurance products, covering individuals to locals living in foreign countries. Allianz has studied the requirements of everyone from the simplest of coverage to the most premium schemes. You will also receive access to treatment across the globe without the requirement for a referral and insurance services provided in the language which you prefer.

Allianz insurance is eager to establish long lasting relationships with our clients while providing the highest level of care and commitment to that cause. As they are undoubtedly the global leaders in wellness health policies, you can trust them with your own health and protection, to you or your family members or even to a group irrespective of their age and occupation. Once this is complete, you would not have any troubles finding a hospital or doctors.

We provide you with a wide range of health insurance packages with a primary care plan and various other added options. If you are interested in a comprehensive coverage, feel free to contact us today for a quote! We will work beside you to formulate the best possible scheme- the best plan fitting to your budget.

The Allianz process:

  • Swift medical evaluation
  • Direct settlement procedure; treatment without any payment with the subsequent payment to be made to Allianz. This ensures that you would not need to pay of the medical expenses incurred.


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