What to do if you are unwell or test positive for COVID-19 while visiting Singapore

Health Protocols

Should you feel well but test positive for COVID-19

If you have taken a PCR or ART as part of a pre-event test (PET) or any mandatory traveller tests (e.g On-arrival test (OAT), Pre-departure test (PDT)) and the result is positive:

Should you feel unwell

Should you feel unwell:

If you are experiencing emergency symptoms such as chest pains or shortness of breath at any point in time, call 995 for urgent medical attention.

Should you receive a HRN (Health Risk Notice) via SMS

Travellers who feel well but tested positive for COVID-19, should receive medical advice if they fulfil any of the following criteria:

2Refer to https://www.moh.gov.sg/licensing-and-regulation/telemedicine. Should you test positive on a COVID-19 PCR test, please note that you will be assigned a separate telemedicine provider for medical support while you are serving your Isolation, and should not reach out to the telemedicine providers on this list.

3Self-administered ART kits can be purchased online or from pharmacies and drugstores around Singapore. Hotels may also carry self-administered kits for purchase. If you test positive on an ART and are self-isolating, you should purchase your ART kits through contactless methods and should not leave your accommodation to do so.

4By default, travellers should recover in hotels or residential accommodation unless they are 1) partially vaccinated or unvaccinated, aged 50 years and above 2) Vaccinated, aged 80 years and above 3) Children aged below 3 months and children aged 3 months to below 3 years, who have been assessed by a medical professional to be clinically unsuitable to recover at home or in a hotel. These travellers will be advised by MOH to be transferred to an appropriate care facility. Travellers may opt to recover at home if they own a residence in Singapore. Travellers may not check into another hotel for recovery, or change their isolation venues (e.g. transfer hotels) once they have begun isolating. They will only be released upon fulfilling the recovery conditions.

5Health Risk Notices (HRN) are issued to persons identified as close contacts of a COVID-positive case, either based on TraceTogether/SafeEntry records, or being declared a close contact by a COVID-positive case.

If you test positive and require medical assistance

For all other enquiries

Articles from: Visit Singapore https://www.visitsingapore.com/travel-requirements/health-protocol/

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